7 Types Of Maids VHelp Hire in Dubai, UAE

7 Types Of Maids VHelp Hire in Dubai, UAE


Dubai is the global hub of businesses. People from all parts of the world come to Dubai to bring their personal, professional, and financial dreams through a hectic life.

This kind of life leaves people no choice but to exhaust search engines with queries for the best maid agencies in Dubai, UAE, to take care of their sweet home, kids, and family elders in their absence.

Homeowners leveraging the potential of professional maids in this part of the world is increasing faster. Most people residing in this corporate and financial mill are well-to-do.

They are ready to shell out any amount for professional maids committed to dedicating their skills, experience, and time to taking care of their dream home, kids and family.

Hiring maid agencies in Dubai, UAE is making life easier for homeowners.

These agencies are providing many types of maid services to homeowners. The list includes but is not limited to the following only:

All-rounders (All Around Maids)

Their ability to take care of all household chores and serve your family members in your absence makes them all-rounders.

They cook, clean, sanitize, mopping, garden, dog-walking, babysit, and many more things. In simple words, they can do everything you want them to do.

Cooks /Tuha

They are certified, cooks. They take care of your family’s food needs and kitchen through effective grocery and dishing abilities.


They are the best maid in Dubai, UAE. Nannies are certified to take care of your newborn and toddler. A nanny fulfills many responsibilities.

The list includes but is not limited to playing with your kids, changing their clothes, preparing their food & bedroom only.

Old Sitters:

Old sitters are usually not certified. You can still hire an experienced old sitter to care for family elders. The best old sitter takes care of their social, food, medicine, bedroom, and entertainment needs.


Caregivers are certified alternatives to old sitters. Certification is the only difference between caregivers and old sitters.

Unlike old sitters, caregivers take care of patients at your residence. This is the reason they charge more than old sitters. They help take care of patients of all ages.


Certified, government-approved, and experienced cleaners are considered one of the best maids in Dubai, UAE. A cleaner cleans your house, clothes, clothes, dishes, and vehicles using the best chemicals or nature-friendly practices within your budget.

An experienced one knows the best practices to take care of dusting and mopping your residential upholstery.

Sanitization Experts:

We are living our lives in the COVID-19 pandemic era. How can we ignore the value of residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional sanitization experts?

The demand for maids to sanitize homes, offices, factories, gyms, and other places is sky-rocketing these days. The best maid agencies in Dubai, UAE, are putting their best foot forward to serve you with fully vaccinated and experienced sanitization experts.

Where to go?

This million-dollar question deserves a million-dollar answer.

V Help Home Services you hire the best maid in Dubai, UAE. We rigorously focus on their background check, skills, experience, certification, health status, vaccination & certification, and willingness to obey COVID-19 pandemic-related safety guidelines and local employment rules to serve you with the value you and your family deserve.

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