Are you giving your sofa the right attention and treatment it deserves?

Are you giving your sofa the right attention and treatment it deserves?

How long your furniture will last solely depends on how well you take care of them; not unlike our health.

To take good care of both, keeping our surroundings clean and sanitized is highly important.The sofa is undoubtedly one of the most common spaces to which each and every member of your family including your furry friends (if you happen to allow them) has access. However, this can result in an accumulation of various allergens such as dust mites, micro bacteria, mildew, bugs, pollutants, and so on.



Sounds kind of dangerous right?

It indeed is. These allergies can pose serious health risks for you and your family. So, getting rid of those allergens within time is extremely important, especially if you have a little child. Because the germs not only can penetrate deep into the layers of the fabric of your sofa but also can multiply.


What are the preventative measures that you should take?


Before you decide to take on the task of cleaning the sofa set yourself, you need to be informed about the fabric quality present on it. The following list will help you select what kind of cleaning you need to go for:


If it has a ‘W’ letter code present somewhere, it implies that the sofa can be rinsed with the assistance of a water-based agent.

  • The sign ‘S’ specifies that it should only be dry cleaned.

  • If it has ‘WS’ mentioned, then you should go ahead with a water-based cleanser.

  • The letter ‘X’ means it should be vacuum cleaning.

  • ‘O’ sign indicates that the fabric is organic. Hence it should only be cleaned using cold water.


However, identifying the quality and the process of cleaning is not enough. One needs to be mindful of the proportion of different ingredients present in the sofa cleaners as well. This can help in determining the process of cleaning. For example, leather cleaners differ from water cleaners and they can damage your sofa if not used properly.

We understand this long list might be a little confusing for you. You must be wondering how to carry out such a long and time-consuming process? Or if this is even necessary for sofa cleaning! But, trust us these minute details are important to improve your sofa's lifespan. Being cautious about the quality of your sofa is the primary parameter to understanding which type of cleaning is required.



Are you still confused about how to go on about it?


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