The Process of Finding House Maids in Dubai, UAE Simplified

The Process of Finding House Maids in Dubai, UAE Simplified

Maid services in Dubai, UAE , value your family and health. This is part of their professional approach and service list. They take care of work to help you take care of your kids and family elders.

You deserve to get this value of life in the most professional way from certified, experienced, and fully vaccinated cleaning and sanitizing professionals.

The Best Options Available:

There are two different options available for you. Both of these options have their set of benefits. Given below are the two types of housemaids in Dubai, UAE you can hire;



What Are The Benefits Of Hiring Full-Time And Part-Time Domestic Cleaning Experts?

You deserve an answer to this question. Therefore, we encourage you to read our previous post titled “Different Values Full-Time & Part-Time Maids in Dubai Add To Your Life “

What Is The Purpose of This Post?

This is one more million-dollar question.

This post will help you hire full-time and part-time professionals offering the best maid services in Dubai, UAE without any hassles.

How To Hire The Best Full-Time Cleaning Specialist?

Dubai, UAE is a place where everything is done with the approval of legal authorities. Everything is done systematically. Therefore, you will have to follow a certain process to find the best full-timer in this walk of life.

The Process:

You can find full-time domestic caretakers in this part of the world using one of the following three different approaches. For example:

  • Communicate your requirement to the maid recruitment agency
  • Leverage the potential of local adverts.
  • Sponsor a maid from your country.
  • Communicate Your Requirement To A Maid Recruitment Agency:

The process is easy like ABC. Find some reputed online or offline maid finder.

Get your account up & running on their platform.

Once your account is ready and you have paid to leverage their subscription plan, you get access to their database of reputed maids.

All of these online and offline maid finders perform an in-depth background check on their maids to offer you and your family value in the form of a positive experience with your maid.

  • Leverage The Potential of Local Adverts.

This is another way of finding the best housemaids in Dubai, UAE without any hassles. You can pick any local newspaper or magazine of your choice for this. You are advised to focus on Supermarket Notice Boards and Adverts in the Classifieds section of local newspapers to get a list of experienced and vaccinated cleaning specialists ready to take care of your home, kids, and family elders all the time.

  • Sponsor A Maid From Your Country.

This is another way to have a maid for your family in this part of the world. You can sponsor the maid of your choice from your country. You and your maid will have to fulfill certain requirements and processes for this.

The Process:

  • Your maid will have to visit the office of GDRFA (the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs), Dubai, and apply for the VISA.
  • Your maid will have to submit a passport photo and passport size photos with white background.
  • Your maid will have to earn her fitness certificate and COVID-19 vaccination certificate.
  • Your maid will have to complete the quarantine period as per official guidelines.
  • Your maid will have to earn a salary certificate, IBAN of sponsor’s bank account, and an original Emirates ID Card.
  • You will also need to submit your original Emirates ID card, passport copy, Visa copy, Attested marriage certificate (if you are married), Salary certificate, Ejari certificate or title deed, Dewa bill copy, IBAN number of sponsor’s bank account.

Sponsorship to a maid could be a costly process for you. Getting in touch with local online and offline maid services in Dubai, UAE like Vhelp could be the best option in many ways.

V Help Home Services find certified, experienced, and fully vaccinated domestic cleaners in Dubai to make your life easier. They take care of your kids and family elders also in your absence.

We can be the right hand you need to count on finding the one that exceeds your requirements and expectations.

We are just a finger tap away.

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